You are Right – The Job Market is Not Fair!

For those executives and senior managers who are frustrated by lack of progress, take heart – but accept the job market is not fair.

Recruiters will form opinions of you, make decisions about you – suggest roles that might not be appropriate for you and, more often than not, overlook you for a role for which you might consider yourself the perfect candidate.

When a vacancy exists, it is not unusual for recruiters to receive large numbers of applications from those who consider themselves the perfect candidate – but are they really?

It’s not unusual for people to apply for a job because it’s one they’d like to do, one that sounds interesting, one they could develop into, or one they’d be perfect for – if the recruiter would only take the trouble to appreciate their transferable skills.

However, with often many hundreds of applications, you might forgive the Recruiter for swaying towards the most obvious choices – those with the stated qualifications, doing a similar job, in a similar organisation, in a similar geographical area.

Each application might only be scanned for just a few seconds, in order to determine these elements, before taking time to more deeply scrutinise those who clearly meet the criteria. You may not like this, but you know, from your own experience with applications you receive, the first look is not much more than a cursory glance – isn’t it?
No the job market is not fair – life isn’t fair – but you can do something very quickly to turn the tide in your favour!

Understanding how the job market works – and how to work it – is vital for every executive and senior manager who wishes to, or indeed needs to, secure another job!

The first step is to accept you are now different and recruiters are not looking at you in the way they did when you were leaving University, or when you last looked for a new job; and the job market might also be different too!

You are older, more experienced and hopefully much wiser – but in many cases your CV will just be an updated version of the one you left University with, or one that, even after taking many hours of effort in re-writing, it still doesn’t do you justice – the job you need it to!

Your CV – and your approach to the job market too – must be different and reflect both your seniority and potential value to prospective organisations. You have to be able to clearly articulate what it is that makes you a perfect candidate – where you add real value and are therefore different and better than other candidates.

Your real value is where you make a real difference – what makes you stand out – different and better than other potential candidates. If you don’t tell them, they can’t possibly know – and you cannot expect them to work out what you haven’t told them!

You must not allow the reader to form their own opinion. It might not be the opinion you need them to have!

For over 25 years I have helped, guided and supported, executives and senior managers to re-focus; inspired them to realise their potential and present themselves more dynamically – and transformed their future through a carefully developed journey to a more fulfilling role.

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