Personal Performance Development

Why might I need this?

Expectations placed on executives and senior managers often means they have to stretch, or significantly improve some aspect of their personal performance. Often a small adjustment can make a huge difference in the way you are perceived, respected, or perform!

  • Performance improvement? Whether it’s the work, changing demands, or sheer volume of tasks and time pressures, we can work together to overcome it.
  • Low self-confidence or loss of self-esteem? Don’t let it limit you, hold you back, or be beaten by it. We can work together to build it or even rebuild it if necessary.
  • Taking over a new team? Don’t let the prospect daunt you. We can work together to make it work for you, win that team over and create a high performing unit.
  • Fear of public speaking, or your limitations with it? Don’t let it hold you back any longer – we can work together to make you a really confident and great presenter.
  • Relationship challenges within the senior team? We can work together to help you resolve the problems and build stronger working relationships.
  • Facing or fearing internal job interviews? Don’t assume ‘they’ know enough about you already – let’s work together to truly astound them so you can win that interview!
  • Preparing for future promotion or responsibilities? Don’t wait until you’ve failed in the selection process – let’s work together to make you the most viable candidate.

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