Personal Branding and CV Creation

What do you mean by personal Brand?

  • Your Personal Brand is YOU – who you are and what you do that delivers real VALUE. It is everything other people will see and hear about you themselves, or from others. It is how you will be perceived, how you will operate and why others want you.
  • If you can’t or don’t want to define it, others will. Do you really want those who know little about you to define your value? If you aren’t clear on who you are – how can you ever be you at your best?
What difference do you make?

  • We ensure you have a unique CV that not only differentiates you from the crowd. It prepares and positions you for the potential value you bring – for either your next promotion or perfect next job.
  • We enable you to define and articulate your career aspirations, your key value-adding strengths, knowledge and experience, and your personal characteristics, so anyone can appreciate the difference you’ve already made and what you can make.
  • Please Remember – most candidates, for most jobs, are unable to clearly articulate why they are worth what they are currently paid, or why they are a worthy candidate for the new position they seek! Can you afford to be one of them?
Won’t anyone reading my CV know I’m a good candidate?

  • Prospective employers take under 10 seconds with your CV at the first glance, to decide whether you might be of interest to them. If your CV doesn’t get “WOW!” at first glance, you’ll be in a pile with the others – or worse – you’ll be in the bin!
  • It is clearly a huge risk, therefore, to hope that a prospective employer will take more time with your CV to work out your potential value to them. You cannot expect others to take time to work out what you haven’t included, or expected them to work out!
  • It is absolutely essential that your CV presents you at your best, clearly and concisely, for the level of role you aspire, raising interest in you so prospective employers want to see you, or at worst, find it really difficult to discount you!
  • So, yes! After reading the CV we help you produce, no-one could fail to recognise why you are different and better than other candidates. Dare you take a chance and fail to present yourself at your best? The chance of a lifetime could be lost!
What’s different in what you do?

We have developed a unique and rigorous approach to draw out key information and create a dynamic and powerful CV. Compromise at this stage will jeopardise the quality of your CV, so we take great care to ensure you get it right. We cover:

  • Evaluating your career progression to date
  • Establishing a coherent leaving story
  • Determining your next ideal role
  • Identifying personality/character traits
  • Presenting a coherent career history
  • Identifying key value-adding strengths
  • Presenting your significant achievements
  • Creating your unique and powerful CV
  • Creating your LinkedIn profile
We offer:

  • Unlimited 1:1 support
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Unlimited e-mail support

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