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Why might I need this? 

The best sports people, singers, musicians and business professionals have coaches to help improve their performance. Sometimes a change is needed in preparation, style, or delivery. Sometimes there are blockages to overcome:

  • The further you climb the hierarchical ladder, the more isolated you might feel. Who can you trust? Who can you rely on to be a safe sounding board, to share your ideas, thoughts and concerns; and who will provide independent advice and guidance?
  • Often, internal political pressures and day-to-day challenges distract attention from some of the key areas you might need to be concentrating on to protect your own reputation and continue your own career development. Who else can you trust?
  • It is vital to keep your CV up to date in terms of role and responsibilities, but also in respect of your continuing growth, your developing value-adding strengths and the significance you’ve made in the current role. Who else could be better at that?
  • Change is a constant – legislation, regulation, environmental, economic and financial change is inevitable. The way organisations respond to these changes will, without question, affect you too. Will you be ready for it? Will you be able to cope or adjust?
  • Organisational culture shifts and CEO replacements are inevitable too. Every change at the top will reverberate throughout the organisation, affecting everyone – structure, objectives, values and demands. Will it be good for you, or signal a time to move on?
  • Getting out of the ‘comfort rut’ is a hard personal career shift to make. It is too easy to stay and too difficult to go – preventing you becoming who you are capable of being. Will you be able to make that critical decision at the right time, to protect your future?

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