Job Searching for Senior Level Roles

Why do I need help with this?

  • You might not, but in reality the older we get, the more experienced we become, the more senior we are, the harder it can be than it was the last time or the time before. It is not unusual for many hundreds of people to be chasing the same vacancy now!
  • Older and more senior levels need to be taking a more proactive approach, avoiding the masses, and differentiating themselves from those less competent applicants who prefer to follow the path they’ve always taken.
What difference do you make?

  • Our objective is to help you to secure the right position, at the right level, in the right sector and the right location – one that suits you best. So we ensure you do the right things, in the right way, to help you deliver the right results.
  • Vacancies advertised directly by companies or through recruitment consultants, will receive high levels of response and competition. Applicants can often be discounted without being given reasonable consideration. We help you to overcome that!
  • Many jobs, however, are filled without being made widely known, and often where a shared interest or commitment to achieve a common objective is developed. A new approach can often create great opportunities, where no vacancy existed before!
Why don’t I just do what I did before? It worked then!

  • The job market is changing. It’s different, it’s harder, the competition is fiercer and often more globally spread. Digital communication has greatly increased awareness and may enable even more people to learn of new opportunities and apply for them!
  • Organisations face increasing pressures they have little control or influence over and what hits one company might impact across the same sector. This might create an opportunity for you – but only if you know how to take advantage of the situation.
  • Experience tells me those who either don’t understand the job market, or don’t approach it in the right way, often find it takes much, much longer to secure their next role – and often, even then, it forces them to compromise on key preferences.
  • It is clear, the longer people spend out of work has both a draining effect on domestic finances and a diluting effect on their perceived value in the job market – which demands even greater effort to justify an appointment – dare you take that risk?
What’s different in what you do?

We have developed a time-proven approach to the job market, utilising all potential routes to uncover opportunities. Many people believe they know how to get another job, but often the situation is different and they are different this time. We cover:

  • Understanding the real job market
  • Applying for advertised positions correctly
  • Using Recruitment Consultants correctly
  • Developing your networking skills and contacts
  • Making speculative/targeted approaches
  • Completing Application Forms
  • Utilising LinkedIn correctly and creatively
  • E-mail and letter writing for results
  • Preparing for psychometrics
We offer:

  • Unlimited 1:1 support
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Unlimited e-mail support

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