First 100 Days – New Role Preparation

Why do I need help with this?

  • 40% of all executive appointments fail within the first 15 months – but they start to fail in first few months! Getting off to a flying start is important, but creating the structure that keeps you ahead of the game is critical.
  • Most people starting new roles quickly get absorbed into sorting what others see as the key issues. In following other’s priorities and objectives you lose the benefit of bringing a totally new perspective; you lose the potential of making a real impact!
What difference do you make?

  • You will have a personal plan and overall structure to ensure you are able to take full responsibility and control of your own induction process and working objectives, so you get what you need to take over your new role and form your own action plans.
  • We ensure the new organisation appreciates how you propose working, so you get the information, support and guidance you need; minimising potential distractions and enabling them to get best value from you.
  • We ensure you have the right success strategy; so you make the desired impact at the right time! The first 100 days are critical, but in those 100 days you should also be making a staged impact – reaching a peak at the end of that period.
Why don’t I just let them tell me what they want?

  • Senior roles demand senior level thinking and you have to justify why you are worth the salary you receive, or desire to receive after a probationary period. Solving the problems others have, might mean the real issues remain hidden – at least for now!
  • Those already in the organisation may have already accepted, adapted to and even promulgated historic and out-of-date working practices. It is too easy, in a new role, to be (mis)guided by other’s key issues and distracted from your own key focus.
  • One of the key advantages of being a new Executive or Senior Manager is, you can ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ innumerable times to really understand these historic influences and can then challenge the status quo with appropriate and worthwhile quick-wins.
  • Your primary focus in the new role is to establish your credibility across the whole organisation and build strong relationships with all key influencers. The last thing you should do is misinterpret the need or squander the opportunity to make your mark.
What’s different in what you do?

We provide a vital and timely sounding-board to help you plan, undertake and review your approach and progress. This will ensure you start your new role with confidence, a sense of structure and a view to long-term survival; and win the first 100 days.

  • Pre-start research, planning and strategy
  • Establishing employer agreement to the strategy
  • Establish the key challenges you might be able to influence
  • Identifying/building/reviewing the formal/informal networks
  • Recognising individual’s and organisation’sprevious achievements
  • Assessing the organisational capacity/appetite for change
  • Introducing /share thoughts with key players
  • Building key-player buy-in to possible initiatives
  • Preparing and delivering your 100-day Report
We offer:

  • Unlimited 1:1 support
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Unlimited e-mail support

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