Overcoming Job Loss Fears

Enforced job change drives most executives and senior managers to knee-jerk a really poor CV into the market place.

Whilst the days of mass redundancy at executive and senior management level seem a long way off, the fears of redundancy still reverberate through company corridors, especially when they are constantly fine-tuning their organisational structures.

The likelihood of getting that ‘tap on the shoulder’ that says ‘it’s your turn, you are no longer needed’ increases – and you might expect to receive it more than once in your working life – so the fears that accompany it will continue to send chills down your spine.

The negative emotional effect of having control and influence over your own life being taken away from you cannot be under-estimated; it leaves strong feelings of helplessness in its wake, often reinforcing the scare stories you’ve heard from others before you.

It also drives fears of:

  • Not being able to pay the mortgage or the school fees.
  • Stalling what might have been a career with great potential.
  • Facing rejection after rejection in the job search process.
  • Being forced to accept a lower-level, lower-paid job.
  • Losing face in both your working and domestic lives.
  • Removing the certainty of a comfortable, well-timed retirement.
  • Becoming one of life’s failures, not one of life’s success stories.

Even if the prospect of you being the next one doesn’t faze you – you may not know when, or even see it coming – and that alone can have a real destabilising effect.

Whilst the emotions of redundancy might have to be faced, the key to moving forward will depend on you having an exceptional CV that presents you, at your very best, to a potential organisation; the understanding of how to correctly approach the modern job market; and how to win the interview process too!

Most executives and senior managers are never prepared for the eventuality and therefore knee-jerk a really poor CV into the market place – making the announcement of their availability/interest one that merely damages their reputation, bruises their self-confidence and subsequently extends the likelihood of a long time out of work – making the fears already highlighted even more intense.

For over 25 years I have helped, guided and supported, executives and senior managers to re-focus; inspired them to realise their potential and present themselves more dynamically – and transformed their future through a carefully developed journey to a more fulfilling role.

Executives and senior managers who fear the future can stop worrying now – there is an easier way – and looking for a new job needn’t be the traumatic experience most people suffer.

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