Executives and Senior Managers

Two Simple Questions if Your Job Search isn’t Working.
And what you can do to transform/ speed-up the process.

High performing Executives and Senior Managers, like you, often find it takes longer to get that new job, than they ever thought it should do!

Looking for a new job can be a lonely, stressful, time-consuming and soul destroying task.
A long drawn out and onerous process is then intensified as the cost of being out of work starts to drain personal resources and self-esteem.

Often then, out of fear for the future, good people sometimes end up in the wrong job, in the wrong organisation, or located further away from home than they would have chosen.

So clearly, the best ‘new job’ outcome is the right job, in the right organisation and in a suitable location!
However, even good Executives and Senior Managers sometimes adopt the same approach to job-searching as they did on leaving university, or when their career was at a much under-developed stage!

It is acknowledged that most people take more time and care in selecting their next car, or planning their next holiday, than they do in planning and preparing for securing their next job.

So, for the Executives and Senior Managers like you, who might be frustrated by the lack of job search progress, there are two very simple questions to ask – and both have straightforward explanations.

      • Are you being invited to interviews?
      • Are you being interviewed, but not getting job offers?

    For those of you who are not being invited to interviews:
    The key reasons are most likely to be:

      • Your CV does not present you correctly or,
      • You are applying for the wrong jobs, or in the wrong way.

      Whilst there are numerous on-line and published guides to creating CV’s, there is limited support for Executives and Senior Managers, and little authoritative guidance on producing a CV that will make you stand out in a crowded market place.

      For those of you who are being interviewed, but not getting job offers:

      The key reasons are more likely to be:

        • Your CV led the interviewers to form the wrong pre-conceptions
        • You were either unprepared or poorly presented

      The challenge therefore actually starts long before the interview and it is vital your CV really does the job you need it to do – even before you’re invited to the interview!

      How to transform the way you are assessed by recruiters or potential employers

      Whilst coaching is an accepted element of executive and senior manager development, those same people often presume they ‘know how’ or ‘should know how’ to get a new job!

      Increasingly, however, Executives and Senior Managers like you, are recognising the benefit of securing specialist advice to ensure they get it right and don’t become ‘disappointing’ contenders for what might be their perfect next step!

      My book ‘The Executive and Senior Manager’s Guide 1: Personal Brand and CV”(Amazon) takes the reader through the essential steps to getting it right – avoiding the sometimes embarrassing pitfalls the unaware fall into and ensures you enter the battle fully equipped, prepared and confident!

      By Bernard Pearce – The Executive Career Transition Specialist