Executive or Senior Manager? Thinking About a New Job This Year?

Nine Vital Questions to Answer First!

Before starting the process of changing jobs, there are some key aspects of career transition worth thinking about. These Q&A’s will address many of them.

Q 1. I have no idea of what job I want, what I’m good at, or how to start looking

A.  Best sorted before you start – not part way through the process! Professional, intensive but challenging support can help identify your perfect role, remove many job searching myths and smooth your career transition!

Q 2. How can I be sure of getting the right job – the one I need – NOT just any job?

A.  Being correctly presented for the job you really want, will dramatically increase your potential success! Don’t copy those people who waste time looking for the wrong job, particularly when it’s not what they really want!

Q 3. How long will it take me to get a new job?

A. When job searching is done correctly, most people see results within circa 13 weeks after doing their CV. Don’t be tempted to aim for just any job – something less than you deserve – out of fear over long it might take!

Q 4. I’m too old for the modern job market/ or there’s nothing there for me

A. Don’t believe those job market myths! Age is not a barrier. Once you understand your potential value, you will open up opportunities. Grey hairs bring experience, not reasons for failure!

Q 5. I’ve only worked at one company/ or done a number of jobs in quite a short time

A. Most people wished they’d moved more often, or regret they did! With each job or each company, you have gained skills, knowledge and experience; and now have key value-adding strengths that will make you stand out!

Q 6. I didn’t go to University / or my degree isn’t really relevant for the job I want

A.  Your value is more than just your qualifications; they are part of the mix but not the only part. Your CV presents what you can do, not what you can’t. Your qualifications can be highlighted or not, according to their relevance.

Q 7. How far will I have to travel to get a good job?

A. Once you decide what you really want – travel included – you dramatically increase the likelihood of getting it! Those who aren’t clear and say ‘up to an hour’ often miss out on anything closer by being focused on the horizon!

Q 8. Wouldn’t it just be easier to stay where I am?

A: Staying put may not be good for you or your company. Review your situation before you do anything, and keep ahead of the game. My free, 30-minute, no obligation confidential consultation can help. Why not contact me?

Q 9. I really can’t face the hassle of job searching, so what can I do?

A: Don’t face job searching on your own. My unlimited support to securing your next job – and often the first 100 days in it too, makes things much easier. Why not get in touch and we can work out what might work best for you?

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By Bernard Pearce – The Executive Career Transition Specialist