Come on – Let’s Prove Them Wrong!

When someone else decides you are no longer needed – why not at least make them question or even regret that decision?

When you get that ‘tap on the shoulder’, or the unexpected call to a meeting with the CEO and HRD, that tells you the organisation no longer needs you – from right now – then someone else has clearly taken control of your life.

Others, behind the scenes, have clearly been judging your value to the organisation in the light of whatever changes are being planned. Their decision, once made, is unlikely to change and it’s already too late for you to influence it.

The outcome of it though might have a catastrophic effect on your career and emotional well-being: your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. It can be a stomach-churning experience and not a helpful one when faced with losing your job – or the prospect of trying to secure a new income, perhaps against a backdrop of potential personal financial pressures.

However, whilst you can’t change the decision – you might perhaps be able to make them question it, or even regret it?

Clearly, most line managers, in most organisations, cannot fully appreciate what any of their executives or senior managers have been doing – or even the detailed effect and value they have delivered to the business.

We can argue that perhaps they should; but can you honestly say you know everything your direct reports have been doing and what real value any of them have brought to the business?

Additionally, can you really articulate your own value, the real difference you have made – or why/how you justify your current income? And if you can’t, how can you expect those lower down the organisational hierarchy to be able to? And if they can’t and you can’t, how can you truly expect those with power over your situation to correctly appreciate your value?

Only when you are able to clearly articulate your value and justify your previous salary, can you genuinely and move confidently forward to secure that new job – and who knows, perhaps to an even better salary than before!

For over 25 years I have helped, guided and supported, executives and senior managers to re-focus; inspired them to realise their potential and present themselves more dynamically – and transformed their future through a carefully developed journey to a more fulfilling role.

Those who made the decision to push you out might consider themselves to be ‘master of the guillotine’, but you will make them question their decision and can even make them regret it – if you had a high quality CV and they see you becoming who you are really capable of being.

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