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Bernard Pearce – The Executive Career Transition Specialist

My early career was a very broad experience with Shell UK, spanning logistics and distribution, business-to-business marketing, retail sales, marketing communications and the exploitation of motor sport sponsorships, customer service, operations and career transition.

During this time I was also invited to tutor with The Leadership Trust on their Leadership in Management programme. This increased my desire to transform the performance of both executives and senior managers; and by that, to improve organisational performance too.

This interest led me to the world of HR and in particular, guiding organisations through down-sizing processes; and supporting people through the redundancy experience – empowering them to become more self-aware and articulate their value to new potential employers.

Specialising at executive and senior manager levels, means I make a real difference to them as individuals, drawing out their real values that positively impact on performance, profitability and stakeholder esteem; and therefore benefit new roles or organisations.

For over 25 years, I have provided specialist and focused support to executives and senior managers spanning all key disciplines and the entire spectrum of industry, public sector and 3rd sector organisations.

My interest is always in finding a better way to help smooth the process; guiding clients in a more professional way through each stage of their career transition – always with high quality and unlimited 1:1 support – and a unique approach supported by technical reasoning and psychological evidence.

I may not always have the answer, but I will work tirelessly with you to find it!

I bring a totally unique approach to career transition for executives and senior managers, enabling them to overcome resistance to change, or the negative effects of low confidence or bruised self-esteem. I have helped many to set new horizons, achieve new levels – and made good people great!

My way is to encourage you to focus on key areas, inspire you to reach beyond self-limiting beliefs and help transform your working future. My energy, commitment and positive approach, will stimulate, enthuse and motivate you, remove fears that inhibit performance and enable you to achieve beyond your perceived limitations or expectations.

My passionate belief is that you, whatever your current situation or position, age, functional specialism, industry experience, or qualifications, can be helped to make your next career move a positive experience, whether its to:

  • get that internal promotion
  • re-align direction into a new function
  • secure a new job in a new organisation, at the right level
  • or even back into gainful employment after an enforced break.

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