Career Inspirations

Are You An Executive or Senior Manager Facing Career Transition?

Welcome! Your search for specialist career transition support is over and the route to your next job can start right here – and now!

The search for a new executive position can feel daunting, irrespective of whether you are undertaking it of your own volition, or whether it has been forced upon you.

Whilst it can be a traumatic and frustrating experience, with our guidance and support it can also be one of the most rewarding steps forward.

You are embarking on a journey where your success will reflect your own level of energy and commitment, but you will not be making that journey on your own.

We look forward to helping you achieve your objectives.

Executive Career Transition

As an executive or senior manager, you are likely to face career change many times during your working life - either of your own volition, or instigated by others – and over which you will probably have little control or influence.

This will be an essential time for you to get expert advice, support and guidance, to improve your personal branding and CV, shorten your job search time and win that interview!

Up to now you’ve probably done more research and taken more advice on each year’s holiday or other leisure interest, than you have ever done so far on your career, in your entire working life!

If you find yourself at the point of wanting to, or having to search for a new role, it is important to know that:

  • Competition for key senior roles within the modern day job market is high and will often frustrate and extend your job search time. Having specialist support with you all the way can reduce the time, improve your success and help reduce the pain.
  • Costs of an extended job search can be financially draining as each month without earning burns into either your savings or severance pay. Doing the right things in the right way and at the right time will help - if you know what they are!
  • The media is full of examples where those in need of an early solution struggle to find a good job in time and then accept a new role that fails to meet their needs – often demanding excessive commuting time or worse, living away from home.
  • The wrong job, organisation, or wrong location for you, can often lead to your under-performance and ultimate failure, inevitably with negative consequences on health, self-esteem, self-confidence - and finances.
  • 40% of all executive appointments fail in the first 15 months and can severely hit self-confidence - just what you don’t need to set you up badly for another job search – and so send you into a downward spiral!

The Way Forward

  • We help identify your value-adding strengths, knowledge and experience, personal characteristics and define your career aspirations, so that a unique and powerful CV can present you at your best.
  • We help you to understand how to approach the job market from every angle and avoid the traps most job seekers often fall into; shortening the odds in your favour by not relying totally on recruiters or advertised jobs!
  • We help you to prepare for those important interviews and be truly ready to win the job offer. Knowing why you want the job is not enough; you have to know why they will want you!

Our 6-part support programme gives you everything you need:

Key Sector Experience


  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Utilities and Nuclear
  • Supply Chain/Logistics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petro-Chemicals
  • FMCG – Food and Drinks
  • Automotive and Aviation
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Media and Entertainment


  • Financial Services
  • IT Strategy and Systems
  • HM Armed Forces
  • NHS and Emergency Services
  • Local Government
  • Retail and Security
  • Hotels and Leisure
  • Housing Trusts
  • Service Providers

MEETING CLIENT’S NEEDS – More than they can find elsewhere!

Your Needs

Executives and senior managers, like you, look for someone to help them focus and address the key issues that frustrate them and prevent them moving forward; to inspire them and help them recognise, articulate and realise their true value and potential; who can help transform their performance, their success rate and their future.

  • For over 25 years, this has driven me to bring real quality to the process. Support for senior, high-performing and good quality people, just like you, who drive organisational direction, performance and profitability.
  • I’ve developed a very different approach; one that positively impacts your career direction and success in the current job market. It means you can better manage your own career; find a new one if needed; excel in your existing role or next one; become a masterful public speaker, or improve the cohesive performance of your executive teams.

Your Frustrations

  • Senior people continue to report on the limited and limiting support available for executives and senior managers, like you, who are looking for help, guidance or support through career transition.
  • They report a plethora of limited expertise, poor materials, poor performance, low commitment, no real empathy and worst of all, no inspiration! And most providers severely limit either their 1:1 time with clients, or the period their support will be available for!